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As a member of the Enhanced Benefits Card, you and your family are eligible for American Hearing Benefits (AHB). This free hearing benefits program gives you access to free hearing consultations and discounts on hearing aids through our nationwide network of hearing professionals.

As you may know, most insurance plans do not cover hearing healthcare. AHB believes the quality of your hearing directly affects the quality of your life, and is excited to be working with Enhanced Benefits Card on providing hearing health solutions.

Membership Advantages:

*Professional service fee may apply

How the AHB process works:

  1. Call (888) 890-2875 and a Hearing Care Advisor will assist you in finding an AHB hearing care location near you.
  2. You will have your hearing evaluated to determine your hearing needs. Should a hearing aid benefit you, we will provide hearing aid options to fit your lifestyle and your budget.
  3. Begin your life of better hearing with AHB’s 60-day trial period. Your Hearing Care Advisor and provider will be with you throughout the process to ensure we have found a solution that helps you hear best.

Save on Hearing Expenses